Marcello Giordani is one of the key figures of the blooming Italian Disco scene and 50% of Marvin & Guy. Being a producer, Dj and collector of rare Italo-Disco vinyl, he is on the very front of the exploding Disco movement in Europe with his “Italo Deviance” Blog and Label. Marcello started djing back in 1992 when starting what would have been the golden age of the House Music scene.
He began playing in clubs nearby his town and at 20 become resident-dj of the historic Italian party called "Les Folies the Pigalle" which at the time was one of the points of reference for the National dance music and this allows him to have a high visibility and work in the best italian club's network. His vocation as a producer it's easy to feel and at 21 bought his first equipment and released a debut E.P. Then he signed with labels like Dirt Crew, Players Paradise, Mule Musiq, Endless Flight. For more than a decade remains anchored to a pure "underground sound" and gives all importance to the music quality. His inspiration comes straight from the N.Y. Disco scene (Paradise Garage) an mid '80s Chicago House scene like Muzic Box and Warehouse but also from the early 80's Italo Disco and Cosmic. Marcello also founded, back in 2008, an highly disco oriented blog called
Italo Deviance and the self-named label.
After the blog success Marcello started djing in many places around the world (Tokyo, NY, Philadelphia, Helsinki, Oslo, London, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens and many more) he also works at prestigious events related to fashion brands and magazines as: MaxMara, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, D-Squared, Henrietta Ludgate, GQ Magazine and for the "BERLINALE" (Berlin Film Festival)

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Me and Franco Rago in Paris

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me and Stefania in Ostuni 2009 (Italy)

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LIVE MIX :::: 2017

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Michael Wolf Records Shop at Babayaga Disco 1995 (Parma) with Dj Cisky

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