Born in 1980, Sebastiano is from Vico Equense. Growing up in the outskirts of Milan, he falls in love with Hip Hop culture in the early 90s, during the so called "Golden Age". In 1994 he starts to buy his first rap and house records, the latter becoming his long lasting love. Around 2008 disco music was coming back strong and the first official release, for Red Music is out. The chosen name: Club Silencio. After this, a slew of other vinyl, edits and rmxs have been released for the likes of Thisisnotanexit, Slow Motion, Tigersushi, I’m a cliché & more. In 2009 he starts a new ghost side project named Robotalco. The sound is definitely a leap forward and leaning towards deeper vibes. As Robotalco he released music for Home taping is killing Music, On The Prowl, ECSTASY, 100%SILK and many more. Reckless digger, his music research is constantly evolving, and he can count on an incredible vinyl collection of various genres, always having a strong root in the black music scene.


1 - Supersempfft - Roboterwerke

2 - Dee Nasty - Orientic Groove

3 - Kyoto - Venetian Blinds

4 - Mr. & MRS. Dale - It's You (Free House Mix)

5 - The Pilotwings - Cerisier

6 - Master Plan - Pushin too Hard

7 - N'N'W - Diamond Girl

8 - Dina Gad - Crack The Whip

9 - Victrola - Neverdie

10 - Mickey Oliver - In-Ten-Si-T

11 - Bigg Ocean Mobb - Gangster Driven

12 - Kingsley Bucknor - Just u and me

13 - Gift of Dreams - Moonwalk

14 - Vaughan Mason & Butch Dayo - Feel My Love

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