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Despite not having experienced the 80s, Netherlands resident Luca dell’Orso surely doesn’t shy away from the snappy sound that characterizes the era. Started producing somewhere around 2015 and has since seen his music being released by labels like Red Laser Records and Bordello A Parigi; no focus on any particular genre, but always with a vintage touch. He’s also part of the TUTTI club night crew.


Cosmo Vitelli - Kuldip

Fringe Society – Geranium Cold

Kid Machine / Unreleased

Borgie – Danza Obscura

Neud Photo – Objet A

Job Sifre – Flotter

Backyard Science – Runaway Pattern

Midnight Runners – Jungle

Tobias Bernstrup – Behind The Wheel

Luca dell’Orso / Unreleased

Luca dell’Orso / Unreleased

Alexis Le-Tan – Marathon Man

John Heckle – Bon Voyage

Brian Summers – Girl In The Dark (Mark Seven Remix)

Eleven Pond – Watching Trees

Luca dell’Orso / Unreleased

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