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    " Aerodisco " because aerobics and disco music are long time friends, and the and the beats per minutes of most of the disco set are usually matching the the ones of your workout. This Mix is a tribute to the aerobic records I have been finding on my way in the past years, and for the ones to come.

    Artist Info:

    Collecting records around the world with a "fetish" for the years 1979 and 1983. Half of the BetaTutor´s duo, for ever diggers stuck in the 70´s and 80's between, disco, boogie, balearic and early electronic vibes.


    Intro / Heartbeating (Dutch Aerobic)

    Goldie Alexander - Show You My Love

    Minako Yoshida - Shayo

    Savannah - Claude Larson

    Friend of Mine - Just Your Pride

    En Forma Bailando - Zarandeo (Spanish Aerobic)

    Peter & Jacques Band - The Louder

    Bar-Kays - Sexomatic (Dub Version)

    Chilly - For your love

    Margarita Hranova - Small Sun

    P.Ovsyannikov - Spindle (Russian Aerobic)

    Funkapolitan - As The Time Goes by

    Patrizia Pellegrino - Automaticamore

    The impossible dreamers - Spin

    Ark - Amnésie (Alt Edit)

    Walter Martino - What Love Can Beat (Castro’s Helicopter Bonus Beats)

    Loud-E - Passport to paradise Vol.1 - 123

    The 202 Machine - Get Up (Rock Your Body)

    Love Deluxe - Here Come That Sound Again Part 2

    Fernando Arbex - Bravo New York!!

    Yamasuki’s - Aieaoa

    The Aerobic School Dancers - The cool down

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