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Low Heights is a DJ duo since 2014, also a podcast and party series in located in Vilnius, Lithuania. We’ve been always trying to support our local house scene, so that’s how got involved in making our own parties and releasing friend’s and other guest’s mixtapes. We’re just glad making it and keep trying to do it as best as we can, that’s how we express our love for all kinds of music.


1. Saada Bonaire - Invitation

2. LSW - Alarmstufe Rot

3. Lee Marrow - Sayonara (Don't Stop) (Vocal Version)

4. Jonny Rock - A2

5. P.J. Marcus - Ciccalaccacocco (Break Dance Version)

6. Francisco & Cosmo - Too Much Love

7. Baby's Gang - Challenger

8. Viva - Moon Ray

9. Hypnotic Samba - Hypnotic Samba (Craxi Disco Drums Enhancement)

10. Angela - Gotta Little Love (Tony Johns Edit)

11. Rite De Passage - Old Love New Love (Instrumental Mix)

12. King Sporty & The Ex Tras - Do You Wanna Dance (Felix Dickinson Discomix)

13. S-50 - Input (Extended Version)

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