Elvio Seta, in art "ItalOscillazioni", has always been a great lover of vintage synthesizers and everything from what the 70s and 80s stand for. It is knows that during those years, with the explosion of electronic music, these instruments called synthesizers recived a lot of attention, and many genres were born, strongly linked to the sound produced by them such as Disco, Pop synth, New Wave and the Italodiso, all genres to which he feels very close to. His passion is mostly live performances where these instruments are the main protagonists: his live shows are characterized by very marked bass turns, on which he enjoys crafting typically vintage melodies and sound effects. He is also a collector of italodisco vinyls, mostly produced in the first half of the 80s and sung strictly in Italian or instrumental: quite rare records since just few copies of those were printed, with which he enjoys making DJ sets.

Live infos:

"This live set was recorded entirely from vintage analog synthesizers: it has been divided into 4 parts outlined by 4 different genres: electronic disco / italodisco / space disco / horror disco."


-Roland Juno60

-Korg Polysix

-Solton Project100 

-Elka ek44

-E-mu Drumulator

-Akai mpc1000

-Korg poly61

-Roland Jupiter 4

-Gem G40 

-Vermona Filter Lancet

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