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    Bunny X, based in NYC, is an Italo Disco/Synthwave duo with influences ranging from early Madonna to the Pet Shop Boys to Ken Laszlo. While we generally stay true to the italo disco sound, we are also inspired by the synthwave/retrowave genre as well. Songs written and produced by Abigail Gordon, Mary Hanley, Conrad Kaneshiro (Disco Success) and Miles Maxwell (GGGAMESSS).


    Disco Night - CJ Burnett 

    What My Heart Wanna Say - Roger Meno

    Not Fair - Lily Allen (Italo Disco Mix)

    Stranger - FM Attack (feat. Mecha Maiko)

    Too Young For Promises - Koo De Tah

    Visions of You - Katz

    Self Control - Raf

    Coming Home - Visitor (FM Attack Remix)

    Long Island - Absinth3 (feat. Kaye Kieran)

    Believe Me I Know - Personality

    Space Romance - Jordan F.

    Just A Story - Mike Rogers

    Magic - FM Attack (feat. KRISTINE)

    18..4 - Kiile (Marvel83’ Remix)

    Hold Me Tight - Katy Gray

    Come Back - Bunny X

    Hell or High Water - Thought Beings

    Remember - To Live & Die in LA (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)

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